Comparing Auto Insurance Plans

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Driving With A Disability: 5 Important Things To Know When Starting Out

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Obtaining a license and buying a first car makes for an exciting time in anyone’s life, but if you’re disabled, it can be a little more complicated. Nonetheless, it should still be a time of great anticipation, as a rite of passage, just like everyone else. To make this time memorable and stress-free, there are a few things you need to know as a driver with a disability when you’re first starting out: Read More»

How To Avoid Duplicating Home Insurance Coverage

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It’s risky to live without home insurance coverage, but once you buy coverage, you should be careful not to duplicate it in some areas. For example, you shouldn’t buy separate flood insurance if your policy already covers you against the risk of flooding. Here are a few tips to help you avoid coverage duplication: Understand Your Policy’s Benefits The first thing is to understand all the covered risks and exclusions of your current home insurance policy. Read More»