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Four Questions That May Determine Whether You Need New Auto Insurance When You Go Out of State

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In many cases, your auto-insurance coverage will continue to protect you when you are driving in another state. However, there are also cases when you may be required to buy new coverage. These four questions will clarify when you may be required to buy new coverage and when your current coverage is adequate.

Where Are You Going, and How Long Will You Be There?

This question is important because auto insurance is mainly controlled at the state level. Most states will allow you to drive within their borders with out-of-state coverage for a time. The duration can be as short as 30 days or as long as 90 days. For example, Florida will give you 90 days (that doesn't have to be consecutive), and after that you must buy coverage in the state. Therefore, if you have already spent 90 days in Florida, know that you will need new coverage if you will be visiting the Sunshine State within the same year.

Where Is Your Car Registered?

Most states have laws that require you to insure your car where it is registered. A good example is Alabama, which will require proof of insurance before you register your car. Take a case in which you are a freelance worker who spends some months of the year in Mississippi and other months in Alabama. Even if you already have a car registered and insured in Mississippi, you will need to buy new coverage if you want to buy another car for your Alabama operations.

What's Your Principal Home?

Some states don't force motorists to buy in-state insurance when they register their vehicles. If that's the case with the states you will be driving in, then you need to consider how long you will be in each respective state and buy auto insurance where you will spend most of the time. For example, if you live in one state for nine months and spend the rest of the year in another state, it's advisable to buy your coverage from the first state.

Which State Has Cheaper Insurance?

In the rare chance that you will be spending equal time in two states, and neither has restrictions on where you can buy coverage, the decision will actually be up to you. Most people who find themselves in such situations buy coverage in the cheaper state.

As you can see, it's dangerous to make any assumptions as far as the validity of auto insurance is concerned. Always consult your insurance carrier or agent for correct information. Talk to a company such as Able Insurance Agency for more information.