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Auto Insurance Habits To Rethink

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Auto insurance is one of the most common lines of insurance. However, that does not mean everyone knows how to get the most out of their auto insurance coverage. Below are some car insurance habits people engage in that are not necessarily good for them.

Automatically Renewing Coverage

On the one hand, automatic insurance renewal means your policy will never elapse. On the other hand, an automatic renewal might deny you the benefits that your policy cannot give you. Consider that auto insurance companies depend on many factors to determine rates. Some of these factors change over time. New insurance products also come onto the market all the time.

As such, the factors that make your current policy the best for you this year might not make it the best for you next year. Another carrier may offer a better discount or better free perks. The best way to explore such benefits is to scour the insurance industry for the best offers whenever you want to renew your policy.

Going With the Cheapest Rates

Auto insurance is not exactly cheap, so it makes sense that drivers are always in the market for the best rates available. However, automatically choosing a policy with the lowest rate possible is not best for everyone. Look beyond rates if you want to benefit from your insurance experience.

Compare insurance companies under different parameters, including customer service and claims settlement. For example, you should not ignore a company with a history of prompt claim settlements because its rates are slightly above a few competitors. 

Buying the Bare Minimum Coverage

State law determines mandatory liability insurance limits. These limits are not adequate for everyone. Don't forget that you might have to pay out of pocket to settle a liability claim that exceeds your insurance limit. The best thing is to analyze your risk exposure and financial status. That way, you can choose an insurance limit that offers maximum protection for your financial assets.

Tying Coverage to Car Ownership

Do not go without auto insurance coverage even if you do not own a car. Maintain at least minimum coverage limits unless you are sure you will never drive again for the rest of your life.

Insurance companies use your coverage history to predict your future risks. A gap in insurance coverage is problematic for many reasons. For one, insurance companies might think that you dropped your coverage due to financial irresponsibility or that you couldn't buy coverage. Secondly, it reduces the duration of your coverage history, which insurers need to calculate your risks.

Reach out to an independent auto agent to learn more.